Band breakups that shook the music world

Last update on 26 Maret 2015.

Band breakups that shook the music world


The news came out on Wednesday and world started to fall apart. Most of the One Direction fans were in school when the notice was released and the classrooms instantly became mourning stations.

Most of the kids felt so bad that they asked their parents to pick them at school. Others are suffering from sleep deprivation. The symptoms of their broken hearts are many.

And the fans are not the only ones suffering, the other members of the band feel the same:

This is not the first time that an iconic group like One Direction lost a member and disappointed all the fans. The difference is that most of the times they leave to start a solo career. Zayn Malik said that he wants to live a more normal life. Only time will tell what the future holds for the band.

But nothing is lost, for instance, in Backstreet Boys, Kevin Richardson left the group in 2006 and rejoined in 2012, today he is still a member.

Well but while we wait to see what would be their next move let’s enjoy their musics with myTuner.

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