“Crazy Youngsters” from “Pitch Perfect 2”

Last update on 13 Mei 2015.

“Crazy Youngsters” from “Pitch Perfect 2”

“Crazy Youngsters”, the new music video from “Pitch Perfect 2”, counts with the participation of some Pitch Perfect cast members and fans, YouTubers and Viners.

During the video we can watch them partying and enjoying the music in different cities across the world.

The singer and actress Ester Dean, who is a member of the “Pitch Perfect 2” cast, is the led singer of the video.  She’s riding on one of London’s famous red bus while she sings.

The music is not the traditional a cappella song that we are used to from Bellas but it’s still aca-awesome! 

If you loved the “Pitch Perfect” and can’t wait to watch the “Pitch Perfect 2” you are going to love the video:

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