Big Variety Old Time Radio Podcast. (OTR) Presented by Chemdude by Chemdude

Big Variety Old Time Radio Podcast. (OTR) Presented by Chemdude

I play a variety of Old Time Radio shows (OTR) from the golden age of Radio. I have a large library and try to play dramas, comedy, science fiction and theater. Feel free to like and comment on my podcast. I also post my email for direct feedback. Commercials do not equate to endorsements. Politically incorrect portions of a show are not intended to offend anyone. All shows are in the public domain. Enjoy I am on Podbean, Google, Amazon music, Podcast Attic, Spotify, Apple, TuneIn, iHeart, Playerfm, Alexa and many other podcast catchers. Over 130,000 Download and over 1300 episodes Counting. #OTR, #oldtimeradio, OTR, Old Time Radio, Golden Age of Radio.

Categoria: Bambini e Famiglia
  • 3640 
    - The Whistler -- Summer
    Wed, 29 Jun 2022
  • 3639 
    - Philip Marlowe
    Wed, 29 Jun 2022
  • 3638 
    - Ray Bradbury
    Wed, 29 Jun 2022
  • 3637 
    - Dimension X
    Wed, 29 Jun 2022
  • 3636 
    - Sam Spade -- Blue Moon
    Tue, 28 Jun 2022
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