Christian Radio Stations Bring You the Christmas Spirit

Last update on Nov. 21, 2016.

Christian Radio Stations Bring You the Christmas Spirit

Christmas is coming, which means you can start feeling the Christmas spirit everywhere, especially on Christian radio stations. Christian radio stations are widely established in the US and also in Latin America and broadcast a mixture of popular music of Christian influence, such as gospel or worship music, Christian Contemporary, including rock and roll, pop, rock music, rap, country, and alternative and Christian talk and teaching. Christian radio stations mirror commercial radios in many ways, as music in a variety of different genres is available.

Currently myTuner radio features more than thousand Christian radio stations from all over the world, majority being Evangelist radio stations.

The top 5 most popular Christian radio stations, last month in the US, on myTuner Radio were KLVE K-Love 107.5, KWVE-FM K-Wave 107.9 FM, Musica Cristiana Internacional, Power of Worship Radio and Bott Radio Network. On the Christian Contemporary genre they were KJKL KLOVE, KCMS Spirit 105.3, KYPL Positive Life 91.1, K-LOVE KULV and WGTS 91.9 FM. On the other hand the Top 5 most popular gospel radio stations in the US were WPDT Gospel 105.1 FM, WTUA Power 106.1 FM, Power of Worship Radio, WAWZ Star 99.1 FM, WHLW Hallelujah 104.3.

Christian radio stations can range from single stations to expansive networks and they are either connected to religious groups, which own the station or they’re owned by commercial enterprises. Moody Radio was the first example of a small broadcaster, which was bought by religious broadcasters. WAY-FM, K-LOVE, Air 1, The Joy FM, Reach Radio, Radio Maria and Radio Vaticana are other examples of well-known worldwide Christian radio stations.

Christian radio stations expanded in the early 21st century and nowadays they continue to broadcast the Christian message all over the world. The radio is a great way for Christian radio stations to have a sense of togetherness amongst their community and it’s also a great way to spread their message on a worldwide level.

 To discover these Christian radio stations, just go to our platform or app and start listening to the many Christian radio stations myTuner Radio has to offer you and start celebrating this wonderful holiday season.

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