Los 40 Principales 101.7 from Mexico is our listeners’ favorite

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Los 40 Principales 101.7 from Mexico is our listeners’ favorite

What about you? What’s your favorite radio?

myTuner Radio’s listeners elected “Los 40 Principales” as one of their favorite stations of 2015. This Top 40 contemporary hit radio is present in many Spanish Speaking Countries and has more than 4,000,000 listeners alone! So, which of the Los 40 Principales was the users’ favorite? Los 40 Principales 101.7 FM from Mexico city! This station had its first broadcast in 2002 and focuses mainly on young listeners’ preferences. The main music genres that can be heard in this station are Pop, Pop-rock and some House music.

myTuner Radio is proud to make Los 40 Principales Mexico available for you, wherever you are in the world! So, if you are an expat, if you are learning Spanish or simply enjoy listening to good music, this is definitely a station to listen to. myTuner Radio features Los 40 Principales and more 30.000 stations from all around the globe. You can listen to this station on our website and on all our mobile apps (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), desktop apps (Mac and Windows) and also on the Apple TV. Just trust the good taste of our users, search “Los 40 Principales” on the search tab (no matter what device your using) and start listening!

Los 40 Principales Mexico features programs like ¡Ya Párate!, La Corneta, El Tlacuache, De Película, among others. Their main radio hosts are Luis Osorio "El Capi", Rafael Basaldúa "Bazooka Joe" and Tamara Vargas. Los 40 Principales Mexico slogan says it all “Toda la actitud' which basically means with attitude. It’s all about attitude and Los 40 Principales Mexico shows this by giving their listeners the chance to win holidays to different destinations around the globe and tickets to shows and events. Listeners can also vote online on their favorite music for the Top 40, check the schedules of their favorite shows, watch music and trending videos and read all the hot news about music, cinema, artists, technology and many other sujects. But this is not all! They also feature El Evento 40, which is a popular music festival that takes place in the Plaza Mexico, the world's largest bullring.

With myTuner Radio you can choose which of the many stations of the Los 40 Principales Mexico you want to listen to, add the ones you enjoy the most to your favorites and share it with your friends through social media. You can also check what is playing on each of the Los 40 Principales Mexico (the ones signaled with a fingerprint have the song info) and if you like the music just press the cart button and it will redirect you to the store to buy it.

It’s still a mystery if the 40 Principales Mexico is going to be among the chosen ones for 2016 by our users again. However, if you want to participate in this choice just go here, download the app and start being part of our community of listeners from all around the globe!

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