1 million Podcasts on myTuner’s Website

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1 million Podcasts on myTuner’s Website

Podcasts from all over the place

Podcasts are a form of digital media, which feature episodic series that can be streamed online to a computer or mobile device. The word podcasts is the result of blending the word “(i)Pod” and “broadcast”. When they first appeared they were considered a trend, but time has proved us that they’re much more than a trend, they’re trendsetters bringing us new ideas every day.

Having in mind the popularity and potential of podcasts, myTuner Radio’s brings you 1 million podcasts from 120 different countries. Podcasts are available on our website and on all of our mobile apps (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), desktop apps (Mac and Windows) and also on the Apple TV with two apps, one which has podcasts integrated in it, myTuner Radio and another which is exclusively dedicated to podcasts, Podcasts by myTuner. Basically, you can listen to podcasts on one spot or on the go with myTuner apps.

You have 16 different podcasts categories to choose from - Arts, Business, Comedy, Education to Health, Sports and Technology and many others, you can find pretty much everything in here. It’s amusing to jump from podcast to podcast on different countries and discover new interesting insights. Learning a new language? Podcasts are the right tool for you! What a better way to improve your language skills and learn new vocabulary then by listening to podcasts from all around the world!

Last month’s most accessed podcasts on our website were: “Serial” followed by “Stuff You Should Know”. TED Radio Hour comes in third and “TED Talks” (audio) and Herrera in COPE come in fourth and fifth respectively. When it comes to Podcasts genres in the US, NPR’s “Fresh Air” leads the arts category, “Planet Money”, the business category and “Wait Wait… Don’t tell me” the comedy podcasts category. When it comes to sports & recreation podcasts “Talk Is Jericho” is the winner and on technology the “TED Radio Hour” podcasts lead the way. Curious about these podcasts? Go to our website and check this or select your home country and see what are the overall most listened podcasts! If you want to focus on a specific genre, select the one you like the most and check what podcasts is there that interest you. With so many podcasts to choose from, this is something you will not want to miss! There’s always new podcasts for you to discover everyday, so go ahead and have some fun! It’s all in here.

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