La Mega brings you Mega Moments on myTuner

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La Mega brings you Mega Moments on myTuner

La Mega is a RCN’s network (Radio Cadena Nacional) radio station that was first broadcasted in 1994 and currently airs to 16 different cities across Colombia. This station has a webcast called “La Mega Web” sponsored by Sonny and features programs like “El Mañanero”,  “La Mega Top Colombia”, “American Top 20”, “El Megáfono”, “El Cartel de la Mega”, “La Mega Retro”, among many others. The radio program “El Cartel” of La Mega radio station is according to a radio audience research done by ECAR, the most listed radio show at night in Colombia. Also, according to the Colombian newspaper “La República” La Mega is among the Top 10 most listened stations by Colombians. They are, Olímpica Stereo, Tropicana, Caracol Radio, La Mega, Oxígeno, Radio Uno, Candela Stereo, Radio Tiempo, W Radio y Rumba Stereo, from these only 2 are talk radio stations (all other 8 are exclusively dedicated to music).

 Apart from radio, La Mega is also know for giving out concert tickets, promoting local events and organizing festivals such as “La Mega Movistar Fest” and the music festivals “Megaland” and “La Mega Fest”, the latter formerly known by the name of “the concert of our land” because it is focused on promoting local Colombian artists.
You have many La Mega Radio Stations to listen to with myTuner Radio, La Mega Electro, La Mega Retro, La Mega Plus, La Mega Teens or just the regular La Mega. In order to listen to these stations just type their names on myTuner’s website or on our apps and start listening!

Now you can listen to La Mega in any location through our website or apps (available for all OS – iOS, Apple TV, Android and Windows). La Mega has a very fresh and lively radio programming, focused on young people from 12 years old and above. La Mega has many amazing DJs that go from Alejandro Villalobos, to Daniel Trespalacios, Edward Pinzón, Jui Casali, Santiago Correal and Adrian Magnoli, among others, that will do everything to cheer you up your day, or their slogan wouldn’t be "La Mega makes you touch the sky". Remember on myTuner’s website and app you can filter by country, city and genre, so it’s pretty easy to find whatever station you’re looking for. Plus, you can always use the general search tab.

La Mega on myTuner brings you the genres pop latino and reggaetón and if you’re a Spanish speaker or Spanish language learner, don’t miss out on the opportunity to stay up to date with the latest music news and the latest pop latino and reggaetón hits that will for sure bring amazing beats to your day!

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