Rock out with myTuner Radio’s Rock Radio Stations!

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Rock out with myTuner Radio’s Rock Radio Stations!

Rock has its roots in 1949s’ and 1950s’ rock and roll and was heavily influenced by blues, rhythm and blues and country music. In the 1960s it developed into a range of different styles especially in the United Kingdom and United States.

On myTuner website and app (available for iOS, Apple TV, Android and Windows) you can find more than 900 rock radio stations from all over the world for you to enjoy. Of these, the most popular rock radio stations among myTuner’s users are Antenne Bayern from Germany, CKFM 99.9 Virgin Radio from Canada, DWRK 96.3 Easy Rock from the Philipines, CKGE-FM 94.9 The Rock from Canada, RMF FM from Poland. Among US listeners 106.7 KROQ from Los Angeles was the users favorite rock radio station. Canadians on the other hand preferred CKGE 94.9 The Rock, while the French’s favorite rock radio station was Nostalgie Rock. German’s rock radio station of choice was Radio 21 104.9, while Italians prefer RTL 102.5 and Spanish went for Rock FM. Everyone loves their home country rock radio station one could say.

Another interesting insight was getting knowing which country listened the most to rock radio stations. It turns out that Austrians are the nationality that listen to rock stations the most, a total of 31 hours last month on myTuner Radio.
Despite the US being the country with the larger amount rock radio stations, a total of 12.774 radio stations of these only 8% are rock radio stations.  Germans are the ones that love rock radio stations the most with 13% of German radio stations having a rock genre being followed by Polish, Canadians and Peru the three with 12% and Czech Republic with 11%.

But no matter what nationality you are, or musical preference you may have myTuner Radio’s website has it all from rock radio stations to alternative rock, classic rock and many others, a total of 87 genres for you to choose from.  Like Prince said “Everyone has a rock bottom”, so just go to myTuner select your rock radio station or any other genre and we’ll make sure we’ll pop, soul, jazz, soul or rock you!

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