Europa Fm Features the Best Pop-Rock on myTuner Radio

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Europa Fm Features the Best Pop-Rock on myTuner Radio

Europa Fm has been operating since 15 of April 1996 till today. It is a Spanish music radio station owned by Atresmedia Corporation with headquarters in Barcelona, but it has a national coverage through a network of Fm radio stations and features shows such as "Levántate y Cárdenas", "Euroclub y Ponte a prueba, insomnia", "Europa Baila" among many others. Europa Fm programing is made for an audience between 18 and 35 years old and it features the greatest hits of pop-rock national and international artists from the 90s until now.

According to the data of the General Media Study, Europa Fm is the third most listened station in Spain, after Los 40 and Cadena Dial, with around 2 million listeners and with an important presence and acceptance on social media. The program hosted by Javiar Cárdenas, “Levántate y Cárdenas” is the morning show of Europa Fm which is growing the most in Spain, 7,9% to be more precise, with 82 thousand new listeners, which makes a total of 1,123 thousand listeners.

The weekend program “Me Pones” has had a growth of 15,5%, gaining 144 thousand listeners on the Saturday edition with Juanma Romero. The Sunday edition of this Europa Fm program, with Juan Sánchez has gained 177 thousand new listeners and had a 31,7% growth. Other Europa Fm programs like “Ponte a Prueba” hosted by Pablo Guerola, Mar Montoro and Sara Gil has grown 6,7% achieving a total of 112 thousand listeners, while the “Euroclub”, program conducted by Juanma Romero and Laura Trigo, currently has 149 listeners that follow their program on Europa Fm, from 9pm to 11pm (Spanish time).

Europa Fm DJ programs like “Brian Cross Radio Show”, by the DJ Brian Cross had a rise of more than 58 thousand listeners, an historic record for this show, which exists since 2014. The Saturday edition of the Europa fm program, “Europa Baila” with Quique Tejada, has summed 46 thousand new listeners, which makes a total of 164 thousand listeners.You can enjoy all of the Europa Fm programs on myTuner Radio’s platform and app (available for iOS, Apple TV, Mac, Android, Windows and Windows Phone).

Europa Fm had a 0,2% growth this year and this number will tend to increase as more listeners access Europa Fm station through our platform and app. Just press play and start enjoying the best “pop-rock from the 90s until now”*.

* Europa Fm slogan

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