Los 40 Principales is Now Los40

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Los 40 Principales is Now Los40

Los 40 Principales is a Top 40 CHR musical radio network owned by the Spanish media conglomerate Prisa Radio. This station has its origins as a music show at Radio Madrid, today Cadena SER, where it was broadcasted for the first time in 1966.

On 1979 Los 40 Principales evolved to a spin-off radio station and today it has more than 50 million listeners. Los 40 Principales (LOS40) is currently broadcasted to 11 different countries: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panamá, Paraguay and Dominican Republic and Spain.

It was on the Primavera Pop, a concert organized annually by the station Los 40 Principales in Madrid to celebrate the arrival of Spring, that it was announced that this year the celebration would also be about the radio station’s rebranding. Los 40 Principales has changed its name to LOS40, slogan to “Music inspires life” and image to offer you the best there is in terms of digital entertainment.

Los 40 Principales informed its listeners of this change, saying that their goal is to always surprise their users and that they are much more than a chart or a radio, they are entertainment is its pure state.

The Los 40 Principales (LOS40) new image features a multicolor bow, which represents union among different cultures, diversity and global music. According to LOS40 the bow also represents the different generations that enjoy the station’s music, content and events. The Los 40 Principales (LOS40) renovated image makes music a starting point for all the fun pop positive things life has to offer.

Los 40 Principales (LOS40) stations can now be found with its new logo on myTuner Radio’s website, where you can listen to the latest hits, programs and hear about this station’s events. This network organizes and sponsors many music events such as Los Premios 40 Principales América, Premios 40 Principales, Primavera Pop, among many others.

On January Los 40 Principales 101.7 from Mexico was even elected myTuner’s listeners favorite. myTuner Radio users can enjoy all of the Los 40 Principales (LOS40) stations on myTuner Radio’s website, app (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), desktop apps (Mac and Windows) and also on the Apple TV. 

Los 40 Principales (LOS40) stations have 50 million listeners, but with myTuner this number can be even higher making the Los 40 Principales (LOS40) stations available on every corner of the world. Los 40 Principales (LOS40) stations air Spanish-language and English-language contemporary hit music and the main genres that can be heard are Pop, Pop-rock and some House music. Los 40 Principales (LOS40) features amazing stations for you to discover, so that music can really inspire your life!

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