Los 40 Principales Mexico - “Toda La Actitud” on myTuner Radio

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Los 40 Principales Mexico - “Toda La Actitud” on myTuner Radio

Los 40 Principales Mexico (which has recently changed its name to Los 40) is one of the most listened radio stations on myTuner Radio. This youth music station broadcasts since 2002 and is operated by Prisa Radio and Televisa, each with 50% and they broadcast to the majority of Mexico’s territories through the Grupo Radiorama.

Los 40 Principales Mexico focuses on young listeners’ preferences, which means that the main music genres are Pop, Pop-rock and some House music and you can listen to all of these styles on our mobile apps (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), desktop apps (Mac and Windows) and also on the Apple TV.

Los 40 Principales Mexico is always sponsoring new events from movies to concerts, music festivals, games, what is important is to promote great fun events for listeners to participate. Listeners can also vote online on their favorite music for the Top 40, check the schedules of their favorite shows, watch music videos and read the latest news about music, cinema, artists, technology, trends and many other subjects.

Los 40 Principales also features El Evento 40 a popular music festival, Básico 40 an acoustic concert, Los 40 Solidarios a reforestation campaign created to preserve natural areas in Mexico and Premios 40 Principales América, Latin America’s Music Awards delivered by Los 40 Principales Mexico.

You can listen to all of your favorite Los 40 Principales Mexico radio programs from ¡Ya Párate!, to La Corneta, El Tlacuache, De Película, among others. Los 40 Principales Programs have great hosts, such as Luis Osorio "El Capi", Rafael Basaldúa "Bazooka Joe" and Tamara Vargas.

Moreover, if you enjoy the songs you listen on Los 40 Principales Mexico, you can check which songs are playing on these Mexican stations and also take a look at myTuner’s app or website, to see which are Mexico’s top songs to make sure you’re not missing anything.

You have many Los 40 Principales Mexico online radio stations to listen to with myTuner Radio, from Mexico City to Guadalajara, Heroica Matamoros, Coatzacoalcos, Coatzacoalcos, Salina Cruz, Navojoa, Villahermosa, León, Tehuacán, Tecomán, among many, many others from other countries such as Spain, Argentina and Colombia.

So, open up myTuner’s app or myTuner’s webpage and start listening to literally a world of radio stations, from Los 40 Principales Mexico stations, to other Los 40 Principales stations from all around the globe and feel the stations’ music “Con toda la Actitud” (with attitude).

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