La Mega Top 20 - The Hits You Enjoy Listening

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La Mega Top 20 - The Hits You Enjoy Listening

La Mega is a Youth radio station owned by Colombia’s RCN (Radio Cadena Nacional) which had its first broadcast in 1994. It is aired in 16 different cities across Colombia and broadcasts programs such as “El Mañanero”, “American Top 20”, “El Megáfono”, “El Cartel de la Mega”, “La Mega Retro” and “La Mega Top 20”.

La Mega Top 20 features the Top 20 most voted songs of the week on La Mega’s website. Listeners can vote for La Mega Top 20 online and then check which songs are the week’s winners. Once you vote, it tells you which songs are leading the voting. Last month’s tops had songs such as Andas en mi cabeza, by Chino y Nacho Ft. Daddy Yankee, Shaky Shaky by Daddy’s Yankee’s, Bobo by J Balvin, Bailame Despacio by Xantos Ft. Dynell, Duele el Corazón by Enriquie Iglesias Ft. Wisin, La Bicicleta by Alkilados, One Dance by Drake and Cheap Thrills by Sia Ft. Sean Paul.

If you don’t like to wait for the La Mega Top 20 results you can always check Today’s Top 10, Most Played on the Radio, New Songs on Top 100, Local Artists top 40 or get nostalgic with 2015’s Top 40 on myTuner’s website or app. Plus, you can listen to a 30 second sample in order to check which songs you enjoy the most.

However, La Mega Top 20 is not the only cool thing La Mega has to offer. This radio station also organizes events such as, "La Mega Fest", the “Nuestra Tierra” awards, the “Megaland” festival and the “La Mega Movistar Fest”.

Still, La Mega Top 20 is a great way to keep La Mega’s community of listeners active, by voting on songs every week. Knowing which are the most voted songs on La Mega Top 20 is a great way for La Mega Djs, such as Alejandro Villalobos, Daniel Trespalacios, Edward Pinzón, Jui Casali, Santiago Correal, Adrian Magnoli and others, to know what their audience wants them to play the most.

La Mega Top 20 is a great way to get to know the listeners’ music preferences, just as it happens with myTuner Radio Tops, which feature myTuner users’ preferences based on their listening behavior. La Mega can be found on myTuner’s website and on myTuner’s app.

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