Seattle Radio Stations are a “Must-Listen”!

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Seattle Radio Stations are a “Must-Listen”!

Seattle has a noteworthy radio and musical history. Although experimental radio transmissions in Seattle took place as early as 1906, the consumer radio boom did not hit Seattle until the fall of 1921. KJR was the first Seattle radio station to be licensed in 1921. The city’s second broadcaster was the Seattle Post Intelligencer’s station KFC. KHQ (later KZC) was the third of Seattle radio stations and KZDE and KTW came later in 1922, the latter was put on the air for the first Presbyterian Church. By 1922, radio was all the rage.

For a while in the 90s it looked as though the Seattle rock music scene was leading the nation with hometown bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and several others offering a long list of national hits. Seattle radio station KNDD drove this excitement by flipping to alternative in 1991, the year Nirvana and Pearl Jam broke in America. In 1995 KNDD hit number one and it was the first time an alternative major market station hit number one in its market, although in the new millennium ratings for the alternative market began to fizzle.

According to the market research firm Nielson the Seattle radio stations market is extremely important being the 13th largest radio market in the United States. In the Washington state almost 50 out of 300 stations are Seattle radio stations. The top 10 most listened Seattle radio stations on myTuner’s platform last month were Jazz24, KIRO Radio 97.3, KVI 570 AM, KQMV Movin 92.5, 770 KTTH, KISW Rock 99.9, KUOW 94.9, KOMO News 1000 AM & 97.7 FM, 92.5 KZOK and KEXP-FM 90.3. myTuner Radio statistics from last month also revealed the most listened Seattle radio stations by genre. On the Pop genre KNHC C89.5 was the listener’s favorite; on the rock genre it was KISW Rock 99.9 and on the alternative rock genre, KNDD 1107.7 The End was number one. When it comes to hip-hop, KUBE 93 was the most listened, on the jazz genre it was Jazz24 and on the classical genre it was KING-FM  98.1.

No matter what genre, we have got plenty of Seattle radio stations and made in Seattle podcasts such as KEXP’s “Music that Matters” or KIRO’s radio “Dave Ross Commentary” for you to discover. So sit back and enjoy the entertaining moments Seattle radio stations have to offer you on myTuner Radio.

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